Ohhhhh the drinks...

If you want something a bit special you’ve come to the right bar. We don’t do normal, we don’t even settle for good: we don’t stop until people like you tell us that we’re the best.

Whatever your tastes we’ve got a drink that you will fall in love with.

All our drinks are made from the best ingredients, whether that be freshly sliced exotic fruits, Rums that are aged and mellowed in their country of origin, or home made cocktail syrups. We even make our own sherbet.

You will love our amazing range of mixed drinks! They’re served in a range of weird and wonderful vessels ranging from real pineapples, to sea shells – and not forgetting our very popular hollowed coconuts! Our Island lifestyle even dictates that we give you extra long straws so that you don’t have to waste energy picking your drink up off the table!

Something else you need to know – we don’t say ‘cheers’, we say ‘manuia’ – and we say it a lot! (It’s pronounced man-wey-eh).




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Love you.

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